Reveal your innerself

English-speaking therapy practice in the Lausanne area
Kinésiology, Primitive reflexes, ByeBye Allergies®


Complementary therapy to restorehealth and harmony by stimulating one’s self-healing forces and balancing one’s mind, emotional and physical.

Primitive reflexes

Identification and remodelling of non-integrated reflexes in order to increase motor, cognitive and emotional abilities and facilitate learning.

ByeBye Allergies®

Treatment of all types of allergies and intolerances, without the use of medication. Method based on acupressure and muscle testing borrowed from kinesiology.  

Who am I?

I worked for fifteen years as an executive in the private sector, in the field of communication, a rich career on several levels, which made me discover the world of business and its codes. I also discovered the world of entrepreneurship by later creating my own communications agency. But my heart has always been drawn to the field of health and energy therapies.

Various health concerns led me to question the functioning of my body and I found in kinesiology a holistic approach that has nourished and transform me in many ways.

While I thought I was too old to start my studies again, it was after a deep work on me that I felt a call from my soul to go and train in this discipline. The barriers I was putting on fell one by one and I was then able to rush towards what was called me.

Researcher at heart, driven by a quest for meaning and passionate about the discovery of being, I have spent the last ten years opening up to the world of personal development and therapies. It is a whole universe that has opened up to me that allows me every day to deepen my knowledge and accompany others.

Today my proposal through my sessions is to accompany each person in his/her own quest to discover himself and reconnect with his/her true being. My goal is for everyone to regain their autonomy, become their own leader in order to deploy in joy.


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12 chemin du Montillier

1009 Pully

+41 78 819 4559