Deploy your innerself

English-speaking therapy practice in the Lausanne area
Kinesiology, Primitive reflexes, ByeBye Allergies®


A holistic complementary therapy to restore health and harmony by stimulating self-healing forces and balancing mind, emotions and body.

Primitive reflexes

Identification and remodelling of non-integrated reflexes in order to increase motor, cognitive and emotional abilities and facilitate learning.

ByeBye Allergies®

Treatment of all types of allergies and intolerances, without the use of medication. Method based on acupressure and muscle testing borrowed from kinesiology.  

Who am I?

I like to describe myself as a great curious, in perpetual quest for meaning and passionate about meeting and accompanying the human. Life has brought me an immense number of gifts and discoveries and I have an infinite gratitude for all those who have allowed me to arrive where I am today. Through my practice as a therapist, I wish to give back some of what I have received and help my clients reveal their innerselves. This word “Blossom” perfectly summarises my intention through my sessions, to bring out what is there, in each one of us, waiting to be seen and heard before being deployed. 

Welcome to YOU!

Latest Blog Posts

It’s time to blossom!

Staying in or out of your comfort zone, which side is tipping the balance? Which is the most painful side? When it is staying in your comfort zone then it is the indicator that it is time to let your petals hatch and let the being in you emerge.

Will COVID 19 also launch a Fear Paralysis Reflex epidemic?

In these troubled and changing times, where many people no longer dare to leave their home and are contemplating deconfinement and the idea of ​​a return to normalcy with dread, I regularly ask myself this question. If you or if you know people around you who feel...

Reopening of Blossom Therapies

I take advantage of this confinement period to start this blog and will share here various articles related to my practice of Kinesiology and primitive reflex integration, but also on health in general and personal development. I would also like to take this...

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