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About me

Very young, I discovered that I had a particular sensitivity. I perceived many things in my entourage but I did not know what to do with it. I was different. The environment in which I grew up was only open to intellectual knowledge. So I put a lid on this sensitivity to adapt to what I thought was expected of me. I went to university but studied without passion, then lived for a few years in the United States before returning to Europe and meeting my husband.

From my professional career in communications, even if it was of course very rich in lessons, I will essentially keep this discovery of my taste for contact and this seed that it allowed to germinate in me to seek meaning in each experience. Then I discovered the world of entrepreneurship by creating my own communication agency, an essential first step on my path to independence.

But it was above all motherhood that changed everything in me. What a wonderful gift and what a transformation at all levels! My three loved ones were my greatest masters and it is thanks to them that I was able to embark on a path of reconnection.

Later, various health concerns led me to question the functioning of my body and I found in kinesiology a holistic approach that has nourished and transformed me in many ways.

It was after a deep work on me that I felt a call from my soul to go and train in this discipline. The barriers I was putting on fell one by one and I was then able to rush towards what was calling me. And I was not disappointed! What a wonderful therapy, which touches all aspects of being and enables profound transformations.

A researcher at heart, driven by a quest for meaning and passionate about the discovery of the being, I have spent the last ten years working on the mind-body connection. I have a very particular affinity for working with people with “atypical” profiles (hypersensitivity, high potential, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / H), dys-disorder…) who may feel out of step, encounter social integration difficulties, learning disabilities, concentration problems and who most of the time have a very low self-esteem. Their inner richness is of infinite beauty and I have an immense pleasure in accompanying them in their deployment.

Today my proposal through my sessions is to accompany each person in his/her own quest to discover himself and reconnect with his/her true being. My goal is for everyone to regain their autonomy, become their own leader in order to deploy in joy.

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Stéphanie Cherdel

Kinesiologist. ASCA certified.
Certified Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Primitive Reflex Integration.

12 chemin du Montillier

1009 Pully – Lausanne area

+41 78 819 4559