Let’s blossom together in 2021!

 2021 here we are! For all of us who have collectively dreamed of you as better, more lenient, more serene, more joyful, what do you have in store for us? Individually and collectively? Individually, I envision and dream of you as a luminous year, a year in which I...

Interview on primitive reflexes on the Vaudfamille.ch website

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on the site of VaudFamille. Here is the translation. Primitive reflexes, what is it? Did you say primitive reflexes? Stéphanie Cherdel, Kinesiologist in Pully/Lausanne, talks about the importance of archaic reflexes in the...

It’s time to blossom!

Staying in or out of your comfort zone, which side is tipping the balance? Which is the most painful side? When it is staying in your comfort zone then it is the indicator that it is time to let your petals hatch and let the being in you emerge.

Will COVID 19 also launch a Fear Paralysis Reflex epidemic?

If you or if you know people around you who feel terrorized, in a state of extreme stress, who develop sudden fears and phobias, and tend to fold in on themselves, then it is quite possible that this primitive reflex may have been reactivated and inhibit their ability to resume a normal life after deconfinement.

Reopening of Blossom Therapies

I take advantage of this confinement period to start this blog and will share here various articles related to my practice of Kinesiology and primitive reflex integration, but also on health in general and personal development. I would also like to take this...

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