Develop your inner resources thanks to hypnotherapy

What is Eriscksonian Hypnosis?

For me, hypnosis is the easiest and most direct way to communicate with yourself. Far from stage hypnosis – which can have a frightening side -, the state of hypnosis allows you to come into deep contact with your inner world, made up of emotions and experiences. The conscious mind fades away, the memories come back as well as the sensations. TheThe hypnotherapist guides this inner journey.

In the therapeutic context, the hypnotherapist accompanies the patient for the implementation of a desired and lasting change, while respecting his homeostasis.

The patient will have access to his memories, without the affect linked to them, and will thus be able to set up psychotherapeutic work without being assailed by negative feelings and uncontrollable stress.

Our behaviors come from our upbringing, our experiences and the events of our life. In reaction to what we have experienced, we put in place automatic mechanisms, solutions to protect ourselves outside of our consciousness.

Hypnosis allows us to act on these automatisms, to free ourselves from blockages and to unconsciously relearn other ways of acting or being that are more in keeping with our current life.

All the secondary benefits are therefore only a choice of the patient’s unconscious, the hypnotherapist is a benevolent accompanist who cannot impose anything.

In general, the practice of Ericksonian hypnosis induces well-being, patients testify to a better quality of life.

Ericksonian hypnosis will allow the establishment of a desired change with respect for the individual, and this change will be lasting.

The regular practice of Ericksonian hypnosis instills an individual well-being and a serene daily life.

For what objective?

Modify a feeling

Free yourself from an emotional blockage, deal with stress, anguish or anxiety, regain confidence, self-esteem …

Changing a behavior

Find a restful sleep, free yourself from an addiction, a compulsion or a tic, get rid of a phobia …

Go beyond a stage of life

Cope better with a separation, the loss of a loved one, overcome a feeling of failure …


Stephanie Cherdel

Kinesiologist ASCA-approved.
Certifed practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis.
Primitive Reflex Intergation.

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