Reveal your full potential with kinesiology

What is kinesiology?

For me, kinesiology is an exciting journey to the heart of your being. This is the opportunity to discover your true self and  where are your blockages, fears and limiting habits. Each session is one more step towards your own realization.

Concretely, Kinesiology is a holistic natural therapy that lies at the crossroads between Chinese and Western medicines. 

Its main tool is muscle testing which consists of a light manual pressure on a muscle. In normal times, the muscle has a certain muscle tone that allows it to cope with this light pressure. But at times the muscle weakens and the limb no longer stands against the pressure exerted. It is this change in muscle tone that gives an indication of stress. This helps to identify blockages at the subconscious level preventing the person from using his or her full potential. The indications revealed by the testing allow the person to become aware of the causes of his or her blockages. Then the practitioner performs a balance protocol. 

The methods used to balance vary according to the practitioner’s toolbox. The ones I use are based on new discoveries in neuroscience, traditional Chinese medicine, and many other tools (see below). 

The energy that was blocked is now available again for the person to regain his full potential and thrive on a daily basis.


For whom and for what reason should one consult ?

The tools I use during my kinesiology sessions are:


For health problems

Kinesiology can provide support and improvement in case of pain, sleep disorders, weight gain, digestion, eating disorders, allergies, support during an illness…

For the management of emotions

Kinesiology will make it possible to explore and balance one’s negative emotions: stress, anguish, fears, trauma, anxiety, phobias, burn-out, anger, devaluation, difficult events (separation, bereavement, etc.), etc.

For all matters relating to learning, concentration (ADHD, learning diffulties, etc.) and behavioral problems

Thanks to Braingym and other specific tools, kinesiology provides important support in case of learning difficulties, ADHD, concentration, stress during exams, memory disorders and behavioral problems. The proposed exercises and tools make it possible to rediscover the joy of learning through movement.


To get out of repetitive patterns and go on a personal development journey

By working on one’s masks and conditionings, kinesiology allows enables the innerself to emerge and flourish. It is a wonderful journey towards more choice, authenticity and joy.

My Toolbox

The tools I use during my kinesiology sessions are: 



a set of targeted movements and activities that are simple, enjoyable and fun to perform and fill with energy. These specific movements help with learning, organization and concentration. Braingym allows learners, whatever their age, to “get out” of all the hidden potential that is locked up in their bodies. Targeted movements of Braingym allow both brain hemispheres to work simultaneously to improve their learning ability. They release blockages, stimulate and improve brain function and sense of perception. 

Touch for Health

Based on the discoveries of Georges Goodheart and created in 1973 by John Thie, Touch for Health intervenes at the level of prevention, the regulation of stress, vitality and posture. A holistic method, Touch For Health allows to regulate energies to restore the body’s self-healing system to its optimum potential. Touch For Health uses the reaction of muscles to identify body imbalances and principles of Chinese medicine as well as accupression to equilibrate these imbalances.


Created by Thierry Tournebise, Maïeusthésie is a method which accompanies the birth of self parts remained on hold in our personal or family history, following wounds of life. It also allows to approach the present differently and promotes better communication with others and with oneself. Any problem is not seen as something to be cured, but as a link with an unborn part of the self that challenges us to “come into the world”. There is therefore nothing to heal, but rather to accomplish these “self births” that have remained pending. The problem can then disappear because it ceases to be necessary. Its role was only to point the way to the unborn part.

Behavioural Psychogenealogy

Method which takes into consideration the being in its entirety, at the level of emotional feelings, the somatization of the body and the transgenerational aspect. It promotes understanding of the person, his behavior, his mode of operation, his reasons and his origins. With the help of kinesiology, the body expresses itself and guides us towards what is essential for it, and allows us to target the blockages that prevent the individual from fulfilling himself in the different areas of his life.I was very lucky to be part of the first round taught by Michel Saez of the Psychogenealogy and Kinesiology course, a course that brought another dimension to my sessions and one more step towards support in the discovery of each one’s true self.

SIPS (Stress Indicators Point System)

Developed by Ian Stubbing, the SIPS method allows to enter the specific nature of stress directly through the meridian system and then to balance and release it. SIPS uses muscle testing and acupressure points to determine the type of stress the person is experiencing and helps to reduce it. Stressed cells use the meridian system to help maintain homeostasis in the body, but over time, health will suffer. SIPS allows energy pathways to reset, and helps to eliminate resistance to healing. Resistance to healing energy in effect limits the effectiveness of any treatment method. SIPS identifies the types of stress involved that create this blockage and dispels resistance so that healing treatment can be directed to a deep and fundamental level.

Harmonic Kinesiology

Developed by Jean-Pierre Bourguet, harmonic kinesiology is the search for obstacles, barriers of all kinds, restrictive programs, which are set, that we have created, or of which we have the memory inheritance and which are all obstacles to our evolution. It helps us to free ourselves from the ties that bind us and opens us to the sense of ties that connect us to others, to the world, to the universe. Harmonic Kinesiology allows us to seek all the information likely to help us find our solution. We carry both the question and the answer. “The body knows the solution”. Harmonic kinesiology also offers us the opportunity to highlight our resources, to decode the messages we carry.

TIOC (Three in One Concept)

The ONE BRAIN® method of THREE IN ONE CONCEPTS® aims to identify and correct energy blockages as they appear in the present, both physically and psychically, to free the mind from conditioned belief systems that limit our perception in all areas of life. This allows the integration of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. One Brain® thus allows in-depth work on the emotions that limit us and regain the power to make better choices and achieve our life’s goals. The applications of One Brain® are numerous, not to say unlimited: learning disorders, school or family difficulties, behavioral problems, communication difficulties, etc …


Widely reknown thanks to the American researcher Bruce Lipton who speaks of it as the most effective method to change our reality through a deep work on our beliefs. By transforming our beliefs, we change our life and we create our own reality. Widely used in the USA, the Psych-K® method uses kinesiology muscle testing as well as simple, fast and extremely effective balancing techniques.

More information on this method here



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