Welcome to this wonderful journey at the heart of your being

What happens during a session

My intention is to offer you a space entirely dedicated to your being and its emergence. This is a time for you and to meet yourself.

Each session takes place in three stages:

  1. a meeting phase dedicated to the anamnesis and sharing of your situation and what brings you here. This first phase is also an opportunity to establish a goal that will guide and colour the whole session: what would you like to experience if you didn’t have your problem?
  2. a balancing phase using muscle testing and the different tools presented on this site. Muscle testing will also allow you to gather information that will help you become aware of what may prevent you from achieving this goal and what is involved.
  3. the transfer to your daily life phase will allow you to be able to implement what was revealed during the session in your every day life.

Sessions with children are held with parents.

The methods applied during my sessions are in no way a substitute for medical monitoring and are not a substitute for a treatment prescribed by a doctor.


Cost of a session

The first session usually lasts 1h30, the following ones last 1h00.

Price: 120CHF

I am in the process of obtaining ASCA accreditation. 

In case of difficulty, please let me know 24 hours in advance. If I do not hear from you, you will be charged for the missed appointment.