Say goodbye to allergies thanks to ByeBye Allergies®


Bye-Bye Allergies® is a natural technique for eliminating allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. It has been developed from elements of kinesiology, Chinese energetics, osteopathy, psychotherapy, naturopathy and the NAET method, taking into account the specificities of the public, practitioners and allergenic substances in our regions.

To identify the allergen (s) involved, the method uses muscle testing from kinesiology. The practitioner then uses acupressure by stimulating specific points of the body.

The client must, after the session, respect a period of eviction of the treated substance of 25 hours, this in order to allow the information to be conveyed on all the meridians of energy and to allow the elimination of the toxins corresponding to the allergen treated.

Depending on the allergy treated, it is necessary to do several sessions to be able to have a durable result.

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For what reason should one consult?

Allergies of all kinds: hay fever, food intolerance, drug rejection, asthma, eczema, animal or dust hair reactions, digestive, hormonal, respiratory pains and disorders